More than a decade ago, Kim Diamond and Brian Saliman met while working together
on the first phase of the redevelopment of the Alameda Naval Air Station, a complicated
master-planned, mixed-use community. Working in close collaboration - Kim for
Catellus, the master developer, and Brian for Resources for Community Development, a
non-profit affordable housing developer - they developed a mutual respect and deep
admiration for each other. After completing the Alameda project, both Kim and Brian
joined other real estate development firms but continued to keep in touch. In 2009, Kim
and Brian separately each launched real estate development consulting firms.

Fast forward to 2012 when, over a series of casual coffees and lunches, Kim and Brian
confided in each other a shared dream to develop their own real estate projects, and the
seed for 7x7 Development was planted. The time was right to join forces and apply their
collective experience, expertise and energy to doing their own deals. With a shared
commitment to urban infill development and passion for San Francisco, Kim and Brian
saw their future clearly – developing the next generation of residential communities in
and for San Francisco. Emboldened by their vision and a strong belief in each other,
7x7 Development was born.